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  • Greener — may refer to: * Greener, a rock song by the American rock band Tally Hall * Christopher Greener (b. 1943), United Kingdom s tallest human * Matthew Greener, lead singer and guitarist of the British band Morning Runner * Richard Theodore Greener… …   Wikipedia

  • Greener — Recorded as Greener, Greenier, Grinyer, and possibly others, this is an English medieval surname. It is either locational, and describes somebody who lived by a green , an area of common land used by the tenant farmers for grazing, or… …   Surnames reference

  • Greener — Green Green (gr[=e]n), a. [Compar. {Greener} (gr[=e]n [ e]r); superl. {Greenest.}] [OE. grene, AS. gr[=e]ne; akin to D. groen, OS. gr[=o]ni, OHG. gruoni, G. gr[ u]n, Dan. & Sw. gr[ o]n, Icel. gr[ae]nn; fr. the root of E. grow. See {Grow.}] 1.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Greener Postures — was Snakefinger s second full length album, released by Ralph Records in 1980. The record is co produced with The Residents, who also co wrote many of the songs. Track listing# Golden Goat # Don t Lie # The Man In The Dark Sedan # I Come From An… …   Wikipedia

  • Greener, William — ▪ British inventor and gunsmith born 1806, Felling, near Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Eng. died 1869       U.S. gunmaker and inventor who developed an early self expanding rifle bullet, a predecessor of the later widely used Minié… …   Universalium

  • greener pastures — noun plural : a situation that is better or more promising leaving their hometowns to look for greener pastures * * * greener pastures see ↑pasture, 1 • • • Main Entry: ↑green greener pastures (or Brit pastures new) : a new …   Useful english dictionary

  • Greener festivals — Green Festivals is wide term which can mean either events which promote green living and sustainability which may or may not have elements of entertainment incorporated into the festival and secondly music and arts events which are primarily… …   Wikipedia

  • greener pastures — noun Any place or condition that is more favorable or beneficial. He worked there for two years before leaving for greener pastures …   Wiktionary

  • greener pastures — a better or more exciting job or place. A lot of scientists are seeking greener pastures abroad because of the scarcity of opportunities at home …   New idioms dictionary

  • greener — adjective Comparative of green …   Wiktionary

  • greener — n. (British Slang) foreigner who starts to learn tailoring or shoemaking upon arriving to England grɪːn n. color green; piece of grassy public land near or in a village; grassy area, lawn; putting green (Golf) adj. of the color green; full of… …   English contemporary dictionary

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